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Aliases: Fuzzy Hotpants McSassy, "no, not you, the other Liz!"

Sign: Leeba Leeba Libra

Current Role: Cast leader, Primary Janet, Und. Frank

Other Roles Performed: Webmaster, bouffant Tranny, afro Tranny, Magenta, Columbia

Obsessions: See the "interests" section. I'm OCD. If I like something, I REALLY like it.

Sexual Preference: Funny guys and beautiful girls

Quote: "There are two kinds of people in this world; my kind of people and assholes. I think it's obvious which category you fit into!" - Connie Marble, "Pink Flamingos"

Celeb (S)He'd Most Like To Bed: Winona Ryder


Sexual Position: Lying on our sides with him behind

Music/Artist: Beck, Bjork, the Beatles, 80s tunes, outsider music, eclectic stuff, melodic stuff. I don't like new school "punk" or anything they play on KROQ.

Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Beverage: prolly sparkling white grape juice.

Cartoon Character: Bernie

Person: John Waters

Sins Cast Member: Frank 'N' Lucas

Sins Theme Night: tie between Austin Powers Night, Frank N Furter Night and Sacrilege Night

Sins Preshow: Tim Burton; I'm biased. (And "You Suck")

Rocky Horror Character: Janet!

Rocky Horror Memory: It's kind of a tie between meeting Susan Sarandon in the alley behind the Nuart after she watched me play Janet, and kissing Richard O' Brien during the 25th anniversary costume contest (after I showed Pat Quinn, Little Nell, and Dori Hartley my custom-made Janet panties with Susan's face on them.) His quote afterwards: "You didn't need to use tongue!" Oh, and being cast as Frank in the 35th Anniversary Rocky Horror Blu-Ray shadowcast...which meant I got to perform in the Wiltern show, kiss Julian McMahon, and bed Matthew Morrison. Hey, I've been doing Rocky since 1992. I can brag!