Who's Performing This Weekend?

We perform every Saturday night at midnight at Los Angeles's historic Nuart Theater. Built in 1929, this arthouse theater is a monument to classic L.A. culture, and has been host to the Rocky Horror Picture Show for over 20 years. It was renovated in 2006 to have plush, cushy seats with retractable armrests--the perfect theater to get down and dirty in the back row! We're conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard, right off the 405 freeway.

Right now, tickets are $10.50, which makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show the cheapest evening of live theater in Los Angeles!

Never been to our show? Don't know what to bring? Don't worry. We sell prop kits at $3 per kit that give you everything you need to have a good time, and an instruction sheet for when to use which item!

We are a 360-degree show that is in your face all night long, but to ensure that you get the best experience you want to sit front and center, or as close to it as possible! Unless, of course, you prefer the back row antics, in which case we'd love to watch. ;-)

Want to get an idea of what the show will be like from the audience perspective? Check out this brief pictorial!

Who's Performing?

For the night of 11/05/11

frank Drew
Drew as Frank-N-Furter

janet Lizabeth
Lizabeth as Janet Weiss

brad Frank
Frank as Brad Majors

riff-raff Chris
Chris as Riff-Raff

magenta Deeb
Deeb as Magenta

columbia Sarah
Sarah as Columbia

rocky David
David as Rocky

eddie Scott
Scott as Eddie

dr. scott Wyn
Wyn as Dr. Scott

criminologist Erin
Erin as the Criminologist

trixie Violette
Violette as Trixie

emcee Jason
Jason as Emcee

trannies Chris Kristina
Chris and Kristina as your Transylvanians

emcee Emma
Emma as your DJ for the evening